Clement Lai

Founder & CEO
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Clement Lai Clement Lai is an undeniable specialist in leadership, security management and anti/counter terrorism. After resigning from the Hong Kong Police Force as a Superintendent, Clement found the Clement Shield (Security Specialist and Event Organiser) Limited and is now the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Clement was trained internationally in Leadership, Counter-Revolutionary Warfare, VIP Protection, Aviation Security and Domestic and Transnational Anti/Counter Terrorism, including from: The Royal Malaysian Senior Police Officers College; the United Kingdom Army 22nd Regiment (SAS); United States Secret Service; Israeli Security Agent, People’s Republic of China Public Security Bureau, Singapore Police Force Security Command and United States International Law Enforcement Academy, etc.

During his many years of commendable service in the Royal/Hong Kong Police Force VIP Protection Unit, both operational and training related posts, Clement was also the Officer-in-Charge of the Airport Security Unit and Counter Terrorism Response Unit. He went from strength to strength and was mainly responsible for a whole range of operational, administrative and logistic issues included deployment strategy, staffing submissions, selection procedures, basic training courses, weapons qualifications and operational management.

Clement has been awarded three Commanding Officer’s Commendations and a significant number of commendations for his outstanding leadership, professionalism, dedication and exceptional abilities. His successes include his role as the Close Protection Officer for the President & Premier of PRC, one of the protection details Commander for the visit of the President of the United States of America, as well as his outstanding leadership, professional commitment and achievement as the Officer-in-Charge of the Airport Security Unit.

Clement is a well-recognized professional leader and motivator who is articulate, measured and thoughtful. Naturally born with a strong personal charisma and character, he commands respect from all who worked with him. Coupled with his well-honed liaison and communications skills, he can build a strong rapport and maintain an excellent relationship with the Company’s clients.