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FAH Intelligence PTE LTD, under the commercial brand of Protective Intelligence Network, provides its clients with the critical knowledge and skills to prepare for, manage and respond to constantly evolving security landscapes.

Six major areas of expertise are offered to the public:

• Open Source Intelligence Research & Analysis: Protective Intelligence Network researches and gathers information for you applying innovative searching techniques and using state of the art technological solution, providing verifications, security due diligences, reputational analysis and investigative reports.

• Geo-fenced Social Media Intelligence Monitoring & Analysis: Social Media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you contribute to your own digital footprint and personal brand.

• Portable Facial Recognition Application (轻便式脸部识别程序): The use of face recognition systems increases criminal and terrorist deterrence, therefore provides an added security layer to your precious environment.

• Travel Security: Protective Intelligence Network provides the understanding of actual security risks and the possible threats that may affect your people, your brand and your travel, in any chosen location of the globe.

• Threat Assessments & Background Checks: The assessment of threats comprises research strategies that permit to determine the credibility and seriousness of a potential threat, as well as the likelihood that it will be carried out in the future.

• Security Training: Protective Intelligence Network offers a blended learning experience composed of academic lectures, multimedia material, class interactions, tabletop exercises, and practical indoor- outdoor activities. The training programs offer tailored and certified security-training solutions that provides a unique learning experience. In the near past, training was offered to different personnel of different agencies such as Singapore Police Forces, Singapore Immigration, Singapore Custom, Malaysia Immigration, Malaysia Labour Office, Royal Malaysia Police, Royal Thai Police Immigration and INTERPOL. A new training collaboration with a Australian Company - bTaq on terrorist detection and suspicious behavioural training, surveillance and counter surveillance was initiated a few weeks ago.

• e-Commerce Platform: Finally, Protective Intelligence Network also offers thru an e-Commerce platform a weekly Global Intelligence Report (GIR) for subscription that focuses on violent extremism, terrorism, major serious crimes and criminal intelligence sharing.

These reports want to support the constant collection and assessment of information allowing the possible creation of actionable intelligence and renewed mitigation postures of the organisation/firm.

Here following some links that may be useful for a fast reference:

Company: https://www.protectiveintelligencenetwork.net

News: https://www.protectiveintelligencenetwork.net/news

Global Intelligence Report: https://www.protectiveintelligencenetwork.net/global-intelligence-reports

Network: https://www.protectiveintelligencenetwork.net/network

update 15-11-2017