Jonas Cheung

Security Specialist
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Jonas Cheung Jonas is the Security Specialist of Clement Shield. In this role, Jonas focuses on the day-to-day operations of the Company’s protection operatives. He also assists the Director of Operations in the effective training and development of the operational team to exceed industry standards, in addition to identifying new training courses for the company.

An officer of the Hong Kong Police with 22 years of service, Jonas brings to Clement Shield substantial police knowledge and operational security experience. During his tenure with the police, he worked more than 12 years in the Airport Security Unit and Counter Terrorism Response Unit. He was prominently involved in the operational change during the handover of Hong Kong sovereignty in 1997.

Jonas has received specialised training from the HK Police VIP Protection Unit and is professionally qualified as a HK Boxing Association Instructor, Use of Force & Firearms Instructor, International Martial Arts Association Instructor and Israel National Army Krav-maga Federation Defence Instructor. On top of his operational qualifications, he is also a qualified Hypnotherapist of different Hypnotherapist Associations including PBH, ABH, NGH, HCAA and NB.